monet dmi
the most advanced water dispenser ever.

Monet DMI

Designed with You in Mind

At Monet Water and Ice we believe that personal hydration products should reflect the people that use them, and the beauty, efficiency, and ease of use we all desire.

A Better Way to Hydrate

Monet’s bottleless dispensers provide greater hygiene and increased sustainability compared to bottled options. The latest filtration and LED UV technologies provide a continuous supply of clean fresh tasting water without the need for bulky 5-gallon or plastic single-use bottles.

Ice for Everyone

Our DMI model offers nugget ice alongside filtered water in a cooler-sized format, so you can enjoy soft, chewable ice without having to install a clunky commercial ice machin

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the planet, the water, the people

Monet Water

Billions of water bottles polluting our waterways. Impurities in our water sources, toxins in single-use plastic bottles. Chronic dehydration. Our passion to solve these problems has sent us on a mission.